Bulbs Of Held – Dendrite


Following two eclectic EPs the Bulbs debut album is unrelenting in its variety and creativity. Bookended by the vast sonic landscape of Churros For One and the deeply mournful Grim Fandango Manchester duo Bardsley and Plack continue their adventures in the electroacoustic multiverse from the expansive dance of Endless Days through the unsettling dark vibes of Laundrette and East Street Market to the strange pop of Pulse and Silent Living. Continue reading

Magic Source – Earthrising


The man behind the Magic Source project, German producer Bjorn Wagner, is best known for creating revivalist funk and soul under a dizzying variety of aliases. Magic Source, though, takes a different approach, with Wagner applying his magic touch to the world of cosmic disco. Earthrising is the project’s first full-length, and is built around straight-to-tape recordings of Wagner and his numerous musical collaborators. Continue reading

Mitski – Puberty 2

Puberty 2

Following 2014’s Bury Me at Makeout Creek — a title appreciated by only the most committed fans of The Simpsons — Mitski returns with her third full-length album, Puberty 2. It features the single released earlier in 2016, “Your Best American Girl,” a song borne out Mitski’s identity crisis from being half-Japanese, half-American, but not fully either. A North American and European tour was slated for spring 2016, kicking off at SXSW in Austin, Texas. Continue reading

Jambinai – Hermitage


Following their debut full-length, 2012’s Différance, South Korean post-rock trio Jambinai present their second album, A Hermitage. Utilizing traditional instruments combined with elements of metal and electronic music, they aim to present Korean music in an entirely new way. A Hermitage is an album of intensity and dark themes, representing a mature alternative to the growing K-pop scene in South Korea. Continue reading

Chantal Kreviazuk – Hard Sail

Hard Sail

As a young classically trained pianist from Winnipeg, Chantal Kreviazuk gained a record contract from Sony — as a vocalist — without ever having performed live. Born in Manitoba, Kreviazuk was a prodigy at the piano, winning competitions and receiving classical education on piano as well as voice. Similar to many top-flight pop musicians, who turn away from their classical past as part of adolescent rebellion, she began writing her own pop songs, especially after a 1994 motorcycle accident in Italy left her immobile for several months. Continue reading

Margaret Glaspy – Emotions and Math

Emotions and Math

Blending lyrical, introspective songwriting with a raw rock edge, Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Margaret Glaspy creates a sound that is both intimate and powerful. A native of California, Glaspy relocated to Boston after high school, where she attended the Berklee College of Music. After her scholarship money ran out, she would use her student ID to sneak into master classes while honing her songs and working odd jobs. A subsequent move to Brooklyn yielded new performing opportunities and the release of her debut EP, Homeschool, in 2012. Continue reading

M Craft – Blood Moon

Blood Moon

Living in a cabin on the edge of the Mojave desert, M. Craft discovered that isolation loves a soundtrack.
Without the usual urban chaos to disturb the natural order, the volume of the eco-system rose on everything within earshot – a daily orchestration of animals and elements in organic harmony. Staying alone in Joshua Tree, the noises of the city fading from nagging tinnitus to distant memory, Canberra born/London resident Martin found himself tuning into the unmuted sounds of the natural world for the first time in years. Continue reading

Xylaroo – Sweetooth


There are many ways to push musical boundaries. Some artists, from Albert Ayler to Can to Sunn O))) and far beyond, do it sonically. Xylaroo are not a band in this vein. Consisting of east London-based sisters Holly and Coco Chant, their music dramatically sparks listeners’ sensibilities through other means. Continue reading

Blick Bassy – Akö (Deluxe Version)


After 10 years of performing with Macase, an inventive jazz fusion group with three singers, Blick grew frustrated with the lack of infrastructure for an artist in Cameroon and decided to move to Paris. It was there, in 2005, that Blick started his solo career, releasing his debut album Léman in 2009, and following it up with Hongo Calling in 2011. As with all albums from Blick Bassy, Akö sees the artist maintain a connection with his Cameroonian roots and the bassa language that he has been a champion of. The result is the most intimate album of Blick’s career, and an opportunity to hear an artist perform with little pretence. As adept at bluesy finger-picking, jazz riffs or complex melodic patterns that reveal his Cameroonian roots, Blick proves himself to be a great blues player. On Akö, he recruited Clément Petit (cello), Fidel Fourneyron (trombone) Olivier Ker Ourio (harmonica) and Nicolas Repac (samples) to accompany his voice and guitar. Continue reading

Fonkynson – #Followme


The project of Montreal-based producer and motion designer Valentin Huchon, Fonkynson’s mix of disco, funk, and house carries on the French Touch tradition. While growing up in France, Huchon was encouraged to play guitar by his father and also inherited his dad’s taste in music, drawing inspiration from the Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix. However, Huchon soon became more intrigued by funk and dance music, particularly the Chemical Brothers and Motorbass. Huchon released the 2008 single So Damn Fresh on Super Hi-Fi under the Nick Fonkynson moniker, which he simplified to Fonkynson for 2013’s Thirsty EP on Heavy Disco. In 2015, he returned with Horny, an EP for Montreal’s Lisbon Lux label, which featured some of his most confident-sounding tracks yet. Continue reading

Public Service Broadcasting – The Race for Space (Remixes)

The Race for Space (Remixes)

On the 17th of June, Public Service Broadcasting will release The Race For Space / Remixes, twelve tracks that tell the story of the USA and USSR’s battle for supremacy in space, this time remixed by and through the lens of PSB’s talented musical contemporaries. The album includes brand new mixes from Field Music, Boxed In, Vessels, Dutch Uncles, Robert Babicz, Maps and Copy Paste Soul plus Psychemagik, Blond:Ish, Petar Dundov and Kauf. Continue reading



Having established himself as one of Paris’ most acclaimed tastemakers, producer, DJ, creative director of the FAKE MUSIC imprint, and one-half of YFM, Yoann Feynman has revealed another trailblazing foray into the electronic music world under his FEYNMAN moniker with new single off his forthcoming LP Air. Continue reading